Welcome to Tempo Economics

Tempo Economics is a Finnish consulting company that provides economic, financial and business management advice to its clients.

We are a leading provider of economic antitrust law consultancy and research, assessment and development services to the public sector.

Leading the way

Tempo’s clients include some of Finland’s most prestigious private companies, law firms and governmental organisations. A majority of our assignments are based on the application of the latest economic theories together with state-of-the-art quantitative statistical and econometric techniques.

Real substance & academic rigour

At Tempo Economics we believe that complex economic issues should be subjected to rigorous empirical analysis. We specialise in providing professional and expert economic advice on different aspects of domestic and EU competition law.

Tempo Economics Services

Private sector

  • Application of Competition Law
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Restrictive Agreements
    • Abuse of Dominant Position 
    • Damages
  • Consulting
    • Operating Environment Analyses
    • Pricing Development

Public sector

  • Public Sector Assessment
    • Impact & Efficiency Analysis and Research
    • Statute Impact Assessment
  • Public Sector Research

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Telephone: + 358 400 239 871

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